Caneman's Hall of Cane
All fish on this page were caught on RL Nunley Bamboo Fly Rods

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Click for larger image This is Rita, my wife and shop and business manager. The 15 1/2" Rainbow she's holding is the first fish she caught on her new 7'4wt Presentation Rod. Caught on a size 30 fly with 8x tippet, she (and the rod) handled it nicely!
Click for larger image My eldest son, Nick, fighting a 21 1/2" rainbow on the North Fork of the White with an 8' 5 wt R.L. Nunley Classic. I just got lucky and snapped this shot just as the fish jumped.
Click for larger image Here is Nick, with the rainbow he had on in the picture above. It was a great fish and it put up a valiant fight. Nick caught the fish on 6x tippet and a size 22 midge emerger. I had actually been trying to catch this particular fish for a few days. I put Nick on the fish and he nailed it on the third drift.
Click for larger image This is probably the most colorful and definitely the biggest cutthroat I've caught in the past year. This fish measured and even 22", but the size wasn't nearly as impressive to me as the brilliant color of this particular fish. I do love fishing the cutts.
Click for larger image Gene H. with a nice North Fork bow caught on a 7' 4 wt R.L. Nunley Cane Rod. This is actually my wife's rod, but Gene has since taken delivery on a 7' 4 wt Classic Series of his own, dark flamed with red wraps and black tipping.
Click for larger image Pictured here is Mark with his 8' RL Nunley Eastern Series rod and the nice brown he landed on it in December of 2007. Mark is one of the finest flyfishing guides on the White and Norfork Rivers for trout and Crooked Creek for Smallmouth. Check out his website at Oakes Fishing Service

A very nice 25" Rainbow caught on the North Fork of the White River. The fish was caught on an RL Nunley 8' 5 wt with 6x tippet and a sz 20 Zebra Midge.

The same rod as above, my personal 8' 5 wt with birdseye maple handle and reel seat, landed this nice NorthFork Brown.

The fish pictured here is a 23 1/2" Long by 17" girth Rainbow that I caught on the Lower Mountain Fork River in Southeast Oklahoma. Caught on a 6'6" 4 wt rod with a size 18 black caddis, it was quite a fight.
Another LMF Rainbow caught on a 7' 2wt rod of my making. I can't remember the fly, but I remember the rod. I loved that rod and planned to never sell it, but... someone wanted it more than I did, so it got a new home!

Here I am in one of my favorite fishing spots... Mill Creek in Paradise Valley, South of Livingston, Montana. I've fished all over the US and in a few other countries, but Montana is, without a doubt, my favorite place to fish, specifically Mill Creek in July and August. It's the home to some of the most beautiful West Slope Cutthroat I've seen. They aren't big fish, but they love Hoppers in the summer and I love the explosion of the small Cuts in the current! Paradise Valley is aptly named!

The picture isn't great, but here's one of those Mill Creek Cutthroat. Beautiful little fish. This one, although I can't specifically remember THAT fish, I can guarantee was taken on a Dave's hopper, either size 10 or 12.

The pool at the bottom of this waterfall on Mill Creek is packed full of Cutthroat. It's well up in the headwaters and a pretty good hike in... one I won't be able to make with this new steel knee, but a place of which I'll always have great memories. Not always good memories. I fell down this waterfall one August afternoon in 2003.

Heading back south now, this is a FAT little rainbow caught on the White River in Arkansas, my home waters. These are the only trout waters where I've heard the term "football" used to describe trout.

Speaking of footballs, this is another White River Bow measuring a little over 21 inches. I caught this fish in August of 07 on a size 30 Zebra Midge and 8X tippet on my 8' 6wt Western taper rod. I told you the tips were made to protect small tippet, didn't I???

Evan G. with a nice brown caught on Dry Run Creek in Arkansas. Dry Run Creek is a great little place. It's Catch and Release, Single Barbless hook, restricted to anglers under 16 years of age. This was Evan's first trout on a fly rod. He is now and forever addicted to flyfishing. I really enjoy taking kids to Dry Run Creek. Kids are the future of our sport and taking them to a place like Dry Run and catching fish like this helps to insure their life long interest in Flyfishing.

This Jeremy G., Evan's younger brother, holding his first trout on a flyrod. He caught this nice Bow on Dry Run Creek. Jeremy has always been a bait caster and spin caster. This was his first day on a fly rod (Bamboo of course, he used my 8' 6 wt) and he, like his brother, is now an avid flyfisher.

That's all I have ready to post for now,
but I'll add more pictures as time goes on, including
pictures from my New Zealand Cane Fishing Trip!

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